Just Turbo warrants that its product(s) come from the corresponding manufacturer stated at the title of each product(s). The product(s) meet(s) all the standards of material and workmanship quality of the original factory/assembly. All warranty claims must be submitted within twelve (12) months, from the time purchased and within ten (10) days from the time the unit(s) malfunction/failure. The unit(s) in question must be removed from the engine as is (i.e. when the failure is detected must be removed with all its components intact, any attempts to open the turbo on or off the engine will void the warranty). All external damage from (but not limited to) the engine, any of its components, or any outside source that results in a malfunction and/or failure of the unit(s) will void the warranty. Any changes made to the unit to increase performance, or to be fitted into an engine that it was not originally intended for, without consent from the manufacturer, will void the warranty. Just Turbo reserves the right to refuse warranty for any of the previously mentioned terms, without consulting manufacturer/assembly. Just Turbo does not warrant the product itself, as a third party Just Turbo will pass all warranty claims on to the manufacturer/assembly for approval, any claims that Just Turbo deems not to be warranty will not be sent to manufacturer/assembly for inspection. Once the unit(s) leave Just Turbo property all issues associated with warranty gets transferred to the purchasing party. Just Turbo will serve as a means of communication and mediation between the purchasing party and the manufacturer/assembly.


   Just Turbo is not liable for poor labor quality and/or poor engine condition that may result in malfunction/failure. Just Turbo is not responsible for the cost of labor for installing and/or removing a unit(s). In the event of a malfunction/failure Just Turbo is not responsible for the cost of labor for removing the unit(s) in question and/or the labor cost of installing a new unit(s) in case the unit in question is determined to have warrantable issue. Just Turbo is not responsible/liable for any labor and/or labor cost associated with the installation and/or removal of any unit(s) that may or may not be in question for warranty issues.


   Once the unit(s) leave Just Turbo property all issues associated with warranty gets transferred to the purchasing party. Anything that may happen from the time it leaves Just Turbo property to the time it arrives at the purchasing party, that may result in the damage of the unit(s) and/or any of its components will be settled with the shipping party, in most cases it will be FedEx (exceptions include but are not limited to large orders that may need to be shipped in a pallet, in which case the purchasing party will be informed).  Any/all costs associated with the shipping of unit(s) in question for warranty to and from Just Turbo, and to and from the manufacturer will be charged to the purchasing party.

Filling a Claim:

  • To get your warranty claim started email and request a warranty form to fill out. This form will ask you questions about the nature of the malfunction/failure of the unit(s) in question. (Please include invoice of the purchase and certificate of installation).
  • Once the form has been sent, take detailed pictures of the unit(s) in question. Take the pictures of the unit(s) on the engine with all its associated components attached, and pictures of the unit(s) off the engine, with all associated parts laid out to see. Make sure to capture all sides, make sure there is proper lighting, and finally be sure the picture is sharp and can be zoomed in.
  • Send the filled form and pictures back to , you will then receive a claim number from Just Turbo.
  • Just Turbo will investigate to determine if the unit(s) in question, if it’s determined that the unit(s) malfunctioned/failed due to poor quality of material or workmanship, the unit will be shipped to factory for further analysis. If the malfunction/failure of the unit(s) in question is determined to have been caused by any outside factor other than poor/inadequate quality of material or workmanship, the warranty will be voided.
  • If the unit in question is sent to factory it can take anywhere between six (6) to eight (8) weeks for a claim to be resolved in its entirety.
  • Finally, if the unit(s) in question is determined by manufacturer/assembly to in fact be defective, Just Turbo will issue you your credit back either in the form of a new unit, credit for a different unit, or the amount returned to you in the same way that you originally paid for the unit(s).


   Just Turbo is not willing and/or able to issue warranty units(s) and/or credit, in exchange for the unit(s) in question without explicit written confirmation from the manufacturer/assembly, stating that the unit in question is in fact faulty. Any claims deemed not to be a warranty issue will not receive credit, in any form. Different manufacturers/assemblies have different warranty terms. For more information contact Just Turbo.