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Holset Turbochargers, engineered and manufactured by Cummins, have set the standard for turbocharger technology and design for over 60 years. Their high standards of product quality, safety and superior performance are why key OEMs worldwide choose to partner with Cummins. The Holset brand has its roots in fixed geometry technology, turbochargers which funnel all the exhaust gas to the turbine to boost engine power. With over 60 years experience of meeting customer power requirements, Cummins Turbo Technologies’ expertise of this technology is tried and tested, and today produces some of the world’s most optimized, efficient and reliable turbochargers.

  • Holset | 4036836H

    Application: 2004.5-2006 Dodge Ram Truck 5.9L Diesel $1,125.00
  • Holset | 288199400HX

    Application: 2003- Various Truck Enforcer MFS4 $2,250.00
  • Holset 4033653H Turbo

    Application: $1,080.09
  • Holset | 4033662H

    Application: Marine Applications. $1,350.00
  • Holset | 4033058H

    Application: Marine Applications. $1,150.00
  • Holset | 4031148H

    Application: For D12 Cummins Diesel Engines. For Volvo Truck Applications. $970.00
  • Holset | 4033813H

    Application: 2004-2012 Cummins M11 11.0L $700.00
  • Holset | 3592512H

    Application: Cummins N14 $801.09
  • Holset | 288199300HX

    Application: ISX Cummins $2,250.00
  • Holset | 3799840H

    Application: 2007 til 2014 Dodge Pick Up Truck, Dodge Ram, Dodge Ram Charger, Diesel $2,450.00
  • Holset | 4033813H

    Application: 1994-2011 Cummins Engines M-Series Engine Cummins M11 Engine with Holset HX55 Turbocharger Part Number 3800471 or 3590044 $685.00
  • Holset | 288170800HX

    Application: New ISM Cummins $2,663.17