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Mitsubishi Turbocharger brings over 30 years of experience in turbocharging technologies, having produced Turbochargers since 1970 in Japan and representing MHI in the USA since 1985. Mitsubishi Turbo takes pride in producing high quality turbos that are reliable, high tech, compact and light weight. Based on technological capabilities that have been developed over the years, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been building up its technical experience for more than a century. At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, they channel big thinking into solutions that move the world forward – advancing the lives of everyone who shares the planet. MHI prides themselves on offering a broad range of services including strong distribution networks, engineering expertise for OEM applications, aftersales and support, and specialty aftermarket products.

  • Mitsubishi | 49377-04555

    Application: 2005-08 Subaru Forester L83F $750.00
  • Mitsubishi | 49131-07031

    Application: 2007-13 BMW 335i $840.00
  • Mitsubishi | 49335-01801

    Application: 2011-16 Nissan Juke $925.00