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In 1998 Zeki noticed that there was an under-served market in the USA: a number of large OEM turbo manufacturers were no longer making certain products that were still desired by customers. The team at Zeki felt that this was the perfect opportunity to leverage their in-depth understanding of the industry to start the production of their own products and fill this growing need in the market.

Zeki takes pride in being a US based company, with 100% of their products being developed and assembled in the USA. As a leader in the Aftermarket turbo industry, Zeki strives to provide its customers OEM level quality at aftermarket prices. Each turbo and cartridge that leaves Zekis warehouse is carefully inspected and balanced using a high-speed balancing machine

  • Zeki Turbo | 704604-5011 (T1241-01)

    Application: 1994-2008 Caterpillar 3406C/ 3406E 14.6L $925.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 14969880000 (T4144-02)

    Application: Fits most C15, C16 & 3406E $1,194.05
  • Zeki Turbo | 174832 (T1432-01)

    Application: Mack Engines E7 11.9L~12L, E7-350/400HP, EM7-354HP $650.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 741155-5003 (T1243-01)

    Application: Caterpillar C15 $1,085.23
  • Zeki Turbo | 741154-5011 (T1244-01)

    Application: 1998-2013 Various Caterpillar Industrial Truck, C15 $1,085.23
  • Zeki Turbo | 465225-5006 (T1043-01)

    Application: International Navistar Engine DTA360 190HP (turbine hsg. A/R .84) $400.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 729161-5005 (T1775-01)

    Application: International Navistar Engine DT466, I530E. With wastegate $450.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 751361-5005 (T1776-02)

    Application: International Navistar Engine DT466, I530E_1995-2006. with wastegate $450.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 718704 (T4068-01)

    Application: Freightliner/ Mercedes-Benz OM460LA $650.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 466334-5004 (T1182-01)

    Application: John Deere Engine 4239TJ (300SER)/ 4045T $400.00
  • Zeki Turbo | 758204-5007 (T1238-02)

    Application: Detroit Diesel S60 Engine with 14.0L, 500~515HP $1,085.50
  • Zeki Turbo | 714788-5001 (T1230-01)

    Application: Detroit Diesel S60 Engine 12.7, 430 HP - with waste gate $534.40