Borg Warner | 179077



1995-2006 International DT466/I530E 7.64L

179077 Turbo from Borg Warner

This 179077 Turbo is a brand new, genuine Borg Warner Turbocharger. It is a direct replacement part, just like what you would get from a dealer. If you have any questions about this turbo, its potential applications and cross reference capability, be sure to reach out to us.

For over 100 years, BorgWarner has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the automotive industry through a continuous stream of technological advances. Always focused on cleaner technologies, fuel efficiency, and increased performance, Borg Warner is one of the leading turbocharging manufacturers in the world. Innovation, speed, flexibility, quality and an acute customer focus are the benchmarks that Borg Warner strives to set the standard for. A key to the high performance capability of Borg Warner’s turbochargers is the numerous cutting edge technological features derived from their advanced development and engineering teams, as well as their integration of electronics into the mechanical system.To see what else we offer from Borg Warner, or any of the other brands that we have on offer, check out our shop!

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 18 — 18 — 18 in
Brand Borg Warner
Model S300G
Engine DT466/1530E
Application 1995-2006 International DT466/I530E 7.64L
Xref OEM 1822233C92, 1822233C93, 1824790C91, 1824790C92, 1824999C92, 1825401C91, 182791C92, 1830493C91, 1830493C92, 1830493C93, 1830494C91, 1830494C92, 1830494C93, 1830496C93, 1830497C91, 1830497C93, 1830498C92, 1836092C91, 1836092C92, 1836092C93, 1836094C92, 1836094C93, 1841839C91, 2506761C91, 2506764C91, 2506786C91, 2506787C91, 2506791C91, 4307236R91, 4307238R91, 4307239R91, 4307246R91, 4307248R91, 4307250R91, 4307253R91, 4307254R91, 4307261R91, 4307264R91, 466743-0005, 466743-0016, 466743-0029, 466743-0042, 704193-0002, 704193-0006, 704193-0010, 704194-0003, 704194-0004, 704194-0007, 704194-0008, 704194-0015, 704194-0016, 704194-5015, 704194-5016, 715138-0005, 729161-0002, 729161-0005, 729161-0006, 729161-0009, 729161-0015, 729161-5005, 729161-5006, 729161-5015, 729161-9005, 729161-9006, 751361-0001, 751361-0007, 751361-5001, 751361-5002, 991726C91
Condition New