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Genuine, new BorgWarner 177287 Turbocharger S400SX4.

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BorgWarner 177287 Turbocharger S400SX4

This brand new, genuine 177287 Turbocharger from BorgWarner is a direct replacement part, just like what you would get from a dealer. This turbocharger features an adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation, extended tip technology compressor wheel, twin hydrodynamic journal bearings, compressor cover recirculation grooves and a twin scroll turbine housing. 

  • Model S400SX4
  • Compressor Wheel Inducer Dia. 80.30 mm/3.16 in
  • Compressor Wheel Exducer Dia. 88.05 mm/3.47 in
  • Turbine Housing A/R 1.32

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For over 100 years, BorgWarner has been committed to advancing the automotive industry through a continuous stream of technological advances, focusing on cleaner technologies, fuel efficiency and increased performance. As one of the leading turbocharger manufacturers in the world, BorgWarner strives to set the standard for innovation, speed, flexibility, quality and an acute customer service. A key to the high-performance capabilities of BorgWarner turbochargers is the numerous cutting-edge technological features derived from their advanced development and engineering teams, as well as their integration of electronics into the mechanical system. 

BorgWarner’s AirWerks ® Series Turbochargers are designed for drivers retrofitting a naturally aspirated engine or looking for a little more performance from a factory turbocharged vehicle. The high-quality engineering on these turbos have earned it a reputation for being robust, brute-force induction systems and the perfect go-to product for many applications. With a twin hydrodynamic journal bearing design, AirWerks turbochargers are built with a configuration that provides ultra-fast response and over 70 PSI of boost. 

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All products are subject to a 1-year/10,000 extended warranty guarantee. 

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 20 in — 20 in — 20 in
Brand BorgWarner
Model AirWerks S400SX4 (S480)
Engine John Deere 6125H, 6125
Application 2001-11 John Deere Agricultural Vehicle, Industrial Engine 6125
X-ref OEM 171558, 175252, 173342, 477287, RE506333, RE508022, RE525341, RE507021
Condition New
Turbo Chart & Specs.
Compressor Wheel Inducer Diameter (mm) 80.30
Compressor Wheel Inducer Diameter (in) 3.16
Turbine Wheel OD (mm) 95.70
Turbine Wheel OD (in) 3.77
Turbine Wheel Exducer (mm) 88.05
Turbine Wheel Exducer (in) 3.47
Turbine Housing A/R 1.32
Cartridge Assembly 176654
Service Kit 176391 (Standard)/ 14007110003 (360 thrust bearing)