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Hino Ranger Truck J08E Engine
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762348-5012 Turbo from Garrett

This 762348-5012 Turbo is a brand new, genuine Garrett Turbocharger. It is a direct replacement part, just like what you would get from a dealer. If you have any questions about this turbo, its potential applications and cross reference capability, be sure to reach out to us. If you’re looking to buy this turbocharger as a replacement for an existing Garrett turbocharger, make sure that you use Garrett’s turbocharger identification tips to insure that you are looking at the correct replacement.

Garrett is one of the leading automotive turbocharger providers, supplying technology solutions to nearly every major automaker in the world. Their innovative turbo technologies for gasoline applications enhance vehicle performance, fuel economy and drivability. They cover the full range of engine sizes, from sub-1.0 liter economy 3-cylinder engines to premium and high performance V8s and V12s. Garrett turbo systems leverage engineering advances in aerodynamics, materials, bearings and electric actuation to set new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

Garrett is also a leading developer of diesel turbo technologies that help elevate the dynamic between fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and drivability in both cars and light commercial vehicles. Their innovative boosting systems provide engine downsizing options for automakers through class-leading power density; simultaneously driving performance and helping improve fuel consumption while reducing emissions in real world driving conditions.

There’s a Garrett turbo for just about every size of diesel or gasoline light vehicle engine from 0.6 liter power units to 6.7 liter and everything in between. For heavy vehicles and off-highway equipment, Garrett’s product range meets the needs of engines with power ratings from 60hp to 4000hp.

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