Zeki Turbo | 718704 (T4068-01)



Freightliner/ Mercedes-Benz OM460LA

718704 (T4068-01) Turbo from Zeki Turbo

This T4068-01 Turbo is a brand new, genuine Zeki Turbocharger. It is a direct replacement part for the Borg Warner S410 718704, providing OEM quality standards for aftermarket prices. If you have any questions about this turbo, its potential applications and cross reference capability, be sure to reach out to us.

After 10 years operating in the turbocharger industry with a focus on the distribution of turbochargers from Brazil, Zeki started its operations in the USA in 1998 as an export distributor and logistics operator. In 2004, Zeki noticed that there was an under-served market in the USA: a number of large OEM turbo manufacturers were no longer making certain products that were still desired by customers. The team at Zeki felt that this was the perfect opportunity to leverage their in-depth understanding of the industry to start the production of their own products and fill this growing need in the market.

Together with an experienced team of engineers and technicians, all with extensive experience in the turbo industry, Zeki began the development of a line of their own turbo products. After a strenuous process of selection Zeki was able to finalize and develop a first-class international supply chain, ensuring that they assemble all of their products with components that are 100% manufactured by OEM suppliers. Initially entering the market in 2006 with a line of turbo repair kits, Zeki’s market leading combination of high-quality aftermarket solutions as well as their detailed and dedicated technical support team quickly led to strong and considerate growth levels in the years since. Today, Zeki offers a comprehensive list of aftermarket turbo products, including components, repair kits, cartridges and turbos.

Zeki takes pride in being a US based company, with 100% of their products being developed and assembled in the USA. As a leader in the Aftermarket turbo industry, Zeki strives to provide its customers OEM level quality at aftermarket prices. Each turbo and cartridge that leaves Zeki’s warehouse is carefully inspected and balanced using a high-speed balancing machine. All of Zeki’s products are guaranteed to be completely interchangeable with their OEM equivalents.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 20— 20— 20 in
Brand Zeki Turbo
Model Replaces S410
Engine Mercedes-Benz
Application Freightliner/ Mercedes-Benz OM460LA
Xref OEM 0080962899, 0090963499, 318704, 319446, 319700, 718704
Condition New Aftermarket